I'm sitting in DFW at gate D34 (come visit if you're in the vicinity). I caught in early flight out of Little Rock and will be arriving in Guayaquil, Ecuador this evening around 8:30pm. 

This is my first excursion with the missions org that I am now working with and that I will be leading in 2016. Our team has been training a group of 7 leaders in the Andes town of El Tambo for the past 5 weeks. I'm joining them for the last week. 

My purpose is to meet key contacts and get a general feel for how the training works. I hope for some insights about the mission and clarity about future direction. 

And, I'm looking for stories. I'll to dig deep into the lives of these leaders. I want to hear their stories and understand how ICP has intersected with them. Keep an eye out for those stories here on the blog. I hope to share some with you over the next two weeks.