Three Refugee Articles

Now, more than ever, followers of Jesus need a deep, thorough theology of hospitality. Further, we have to realize that the expectations and standards that we have for the church are not the same that we have for the governing authorities in our land.

I will share some basic biblical teachings about hospitality directly.

For now, these three articles have proven to be helpful to me, and they might be helpful to you as well. Remember, the information (and sources) we avail ourselves to is important. Let's be careful to avoid boxing ourselves in to talking heads that pander to fear that can easily creep into our hearts. 

This article argues that, statistically speaking, Syrian refugees do not pose a realistic threat to U.S. citizens.

Here the Pew Research Center gives an overview of how Americans have felt about refugees over the past 50 years. 

In this Christianity Today article Morgan Lee lays out where refugees who self-identify as Christian originate from.