Train the harvest fields to reach the sowing fields.

What if the role of the West has changed? We have long seen ourselves as harbingers of the gospel to the world, but if we step back and look at what is happening globally it becomes evident that our role needs to change.

The church is in decline in the West, but in the Global South (Africa, S. America, and parts of Asia) the gospel is spreading like wildfire. The bottom line is that these places don't need us to bring the gospel, they have it. However, they do need discipleship, training, and theological/missiological foundation. That's where we can step in and be a part of this movement of Jesus across the globe.

I meet with Timothy (Kenya) every Monday morning for theological training via Skype.

I meet with Timothy (Kenya) every Monday morning for theological training via Skype.

What about the least reached? What about the sowing fields? The key to effectively communicating the gospel with people groups who are most closed, resistant, and unresponsive is the equipping and unleashing of the Global South. There's a great army of Spirit-filled followers of Jesus in the Global South and God will call many of them to go as missionaries. They need training and healthy churches to send them. We will reach the sowing fields by training the harvest fields.

At ICP we are positioning ourselves to become more effective at training the harvest fields to reach the sowing fields. Will you join us?

  • On-Site Missionary - If you sense God's call and are looking for a sending organization, please talk to us. Let's explore what the Lord may be doing in your life.
  • Team Member - Maybe the Lord is calling you to join our team at HQs in Arkansas. In particular, I am praying for someone who is skilled at communications (storytelling, graphic/web design, etc). Email me.
  • Financial Supporter - Please consider partnering with us financially. This is a big one for us right now. We are re-fundraising after transitioning our of our ministry in Memphis. 50$/month goes a long way for us. Online and snail mail giving options are available.
  • SC Church - We have received multiple invitations across the world to begin training, but we simply don't have the personnel to pursue many of them. We are praying for churches who will partner with us and take responsibility for providing an oasis of training in theological deserts. Email me