Worldview: A Case Study

As I illustrated before, our actions are reflections of deeper realities. Here is a great example of this reality. 

If one believes the story that human life is the result of millions of accidental genetic mutations, and that homo sapiens' survival depends on remaining the fittest species and curating a sustainable environment, then abortion makes perfect sense. 

If one believes the story that human life has a divine origin and that all human life is sacred, then a anti-abortion perspective makes perfect sense. 

So, what's the takeaway?

From an anthropological standpoint, we should appreciate the profound differences in worldviews that underly convictions and behaviors. From a Christian standpoint, it's helpful to realize that activities that simply attack convictions and behaviors will not produce lasting change.

Unless we can point to a narrative that more satisfactorily addresses people's deepest questions (Who am I? What's has gone wrong? How can it be fixed?), then we should not expect transformation. 

That's why Rosaria says that folks need the gospel. That's our story. And it changes everything.