Notes from "Onward" by Russell Moore (A Bible Belt No More)

The biggest problem is not that we lost the culture war; it’s that we never really had one.
— p. 18
If adapting to the culture were the key to ecclesial success, then where are the Presbyterian Church (USA) church-planting movements, the Unitarian megachurches?
— p. 21
[Evangelical] churches [today] are often deeply culturally engaged, in terms of music and the arts, with often a more theologically-rich understanding of how to analyze common grace in cultural artifacts than the Christian subcultures of Bible Belt past, which too often replicated contemporary popular culture, at a lower level of quality, affixing Jesus at the end of it all.
— p. 22
Those who identify with Christianity, and who gather with the people of God, have already decided to walk out of step with the culture.
— p. 24
A church that assumes the gospel is a church that soon loses the gospel.
— p. 26
The test will be if we can engage the culture without losing the gospel.
— p. 26
We will engage the culture less like the chaplains of some idyllic Mayberry and more like the apostles in the book of Acts.
— p. 27