First, Manta

I'm one of the weird people who really enjoys flying and layovers and seats in their upright positions. Hopefully this will last because I'm looking at a lot of airport time in 2017 . . . but we'll get to that momentarily. 

Currently, I'm in Manta, Ecuador with a good friend and co-laborer Austin Smith. Austin is a church planter in Vermont. He and his family worked alongside my family in the early stages of planting Pueblo de Dios in Memphis. 

We are here for two reasons: 1) Austin used to live here and needs to connect with loved ones after the earthquake.  2) We are looking to develop partnerships and, perhaps, widen the scope of our training work in Ecuador. 

We'll be working in a tent city this afternoon. I'll continue to update with stories and pictures. In the meantime, we appreciate your prayers and support.