Then, Tambo

After a rougher-than-expected four hour bus ride back to Guayaquil, Austin (Augustine) and I picked up the rest of the team in the airport. The next morning, straight up the mountain. Tambo-bound. 

We spent the evening with two local churches, teaching the members. One is an established, traditional church. The other is a house church that sprung up when a few believers moved into town and had to work all day Sunday at the market. They meet at 8:00pm Sunday night. 

And, of course, the vista is breathtaking. 

Something interesting happen when a group flies to another country and works to minister together to folks from another culture. It's a little like fasting in that attitudes, fears, worries, sin can surface that was hidden before. That's why so many people who participate in short-term missions report deep, abiding change in themselves.  

This verse has been particularly comforting for me today. Something about the phrase "his promise to care for them" struck me, and stuck with me.