ICP Update / September 2017

Dear Friends, 

Two years have passed since I left the work in Memphis to lead this missions organization based in Arkansas. It took some time to get oriented to the networks and foundations that ICP had built, and then more time to springboard from those and get the right people in the right places to accomplish the mission. 

I continue to build the ICP team, but now the work is moving along at a rapid clip. The challenge no longer has to do with planning the work, but now is a matter of holding the reigns back so that our organization doesn't take on more than it can realistically handle. 

We recently returned from 4 weeks of training modules in two locations in Ecuador. We are constantly amazed by the quality of team members that the Lord sends our way to work alongside us. This mission would be impossible without faithful folks like the those pictured below. 


Right now we have 3 fundamental needs: 

  1. More Funds. More funds means more travel, training, personnel, and operations. In short, it helps us roll out deep discipleship cycles in new locations.
  2. More Trainers. We are always looking and praying for more men and women who walk closely with the Lord, have adequate training, and the gift of teaching to spend a week on the ground with us investing in the lives of men, women, and children through systematic teaching. Go here: www.trainingforpastors.com and here: www.icptraining.us for more info. 
  3. More Personnel. We are asking the Lord to bring along more full-time workers to join our team in the critical work of training leaders in the church across the globe. Email me if you have questions about this: internationalchurchplanters@gmail.com.  

Finally, we are available to come and share a short presentation with your church, Sunday School class, or small group. Just let us know you are interested.